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MAP Pricelist

SKUProduct NameMAP Price
001ChildSafe1: Gun Trigger Block w/Dual Alarm139.00
002KMunio Self Defense Keychain Purple Leopard9.95
004KMunio Self Defense Keychain Zebra9.95
006KMunio Self Defense Keychain Urban Patriot9.95
01-160Wise Company Emergency Food Supply: 60 Serving Entrees129.99
01-621GSGWise Company 5 Day Survival Backpack: Red69.99
01-622GSGWise Company 5 Day Survival Backpack: Camo69.99
015KMunio Self Defense Keychain Brownie9.95
031KMunio Self Defense Keychain Butterfly Glass9.95
038KMunio Self Defense Keychain Cross9.95
041KMunio Self Defense Keychain Pink Camo9.95
11027Taser X26P Professional Series - Black1199.99
15024Realtree Concealed Carry Backpack59.99
22029Taser X21399.99
26009Taser X26C Kit740.73
26701Taser X26C XDPM-Extended DPM-Holds Extra Cartridge42.50
34220Taser M26C/X26C Cartridges Live 2 Pack Replacement69.95
37215Taser Bolt, Pulse and C2 Live Replacement Cartridges - 2 Pack60.00
39011LPM-Replacement Taser C2 Battery35.00
39060TASER Bolt399.99
39061TASER Pulse399.99
44952Taser X26C Tek-Lok Holster (Right)33.95
49067Freya Concealed Carry Purse: Mocha84.99
49068Cora Concealed Carry Purse: Coral84.99
49069Cora Concealed Carry Purse: Black84.99
49071Aphrodite Concealed Carry Purse: Black84.99
49073Aya Concealed Carry Purse: Black74.99
49074Belladonna Concealed Carry Purse: Cream89.99
49075Belladonna Concealed Carry Purse: Mocha89.99
49076Aurora Concealed Carry Purse: Olive89.99
49077Aurora Concealed Carry Purse Cognac89.99
49081Petal Concealed Carry Purse: Blue84.99
49086Radiant Concealed Carry Purse: Wine89.99
49089Utility Sling Concealed Carry Pack119.99
49099Aya Concealed Carry Purse: Smokey Brown74.99
49101Eos Concealed Carry Purse: Blue175.99
49102Zenith Concealed Carry Purse: Black & Pink74.99
49103Athena Concealed Carry Purse: Brown84.99
49109Freya Concealed Carry Purse: Sandal-wood84.99
49110Cora Concealed Carry Purse: Teal84.99
49111Aphrodite Concealed Carry Purse: Wine84.99
49112Aya Concealed Carry Purse: Honey74.99
49113Belladonna Concealed Carry Purse: Wine89.99
49122Radiant Concealed Carry Purse: Brown89.99
49123Coco Concealed Carry Purse: Black89.99
49124Reptic Concealed Carry Purse w/Accent: Grey & Brown74.99
49127Petal Single Strap Concealed Carry Purse: Red84.99
49130Artemis Concealed Carry Purse: Black99.99
49131Artemis Concealed Carry Purse: Red99.99
49134Aztec Concealed Carry Purse: Brown99.99
49135Aztec Concealed Carry Purse: Blue99.99
49136Calypso Concealed Carry Purse: Black124.99
49137Calypso Concealed Carry Purse: White/Red124.99
49139Equinox Concealed Carry Backpack-style bag - Black139.99
49206Canvas Covert Concealed Carry Sling Pack: Sand139.99
49300Recon Tactical Back Pack49.99
ARBBGSArms Reach Bedside Biometric Gun Safe199.00
CA12H30Counter Assault 8.1 oz. Bear Spray39.95
DBSDead Bolt Secure - Brass7.49
DBSNDead Bolt Secure - Nickel7.49
DJ002RPDoor Jammer: Portable Security Device29.99
DJAMDoor Jammer29.99
LLCCHBLethal Lace Concealed Carry Holster for Women - BLACK45.99
LLCCHNLethal Lace Concealed Carry Holster for Women - NUDE45.99
OS-1OWL Open Window for Life 2-pack29.95
P-22JSABRE 3/4 oz. 3-IN-1 Runner Pepper Spray w/ Adjustable Hand Strap9.99
PF9200BKPolice Force 9,200,000 Tactical Stun Flashlight24.95
PF9200GMPolice Force 9,200,000 Tactical Stun Flashlight24.95
QS24BQuick Shelf Safe with RFID- Black234.99
QS24NQuick Shelf Safe with RFID- Natural (Unfinished)234.99
QS24WQuick Shelf Safe with RFID - White234.99
QS24WNQuick Shelf Safe with RFID- Walnut234.99
QSLQuick Shotgun Lock139.99
QVSRFIDQuick Vent Safe with RFID219.99
SKS160SkySaver System 160'949.00
SKS260SkySaver System 260'999.00
SKS80SkySaver System 80'899.00
SW3N1C283N1 Charger 28,000,000* Stun Gun Power Bank Flashlight33.95
SWKL25SBStreetwise Knight Light 25,000,000 Stun Flashlight25.95
SWLR26GBStreetwise Lightning Rod 26,000,000* Stun Flashlight21.95
SWMKKCBKStreetwise My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain Black8.99
SWMKKCGStreetwise My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain Glow in the Dark8.99
SWMKKCHPStreetwise My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain Hot Pink8.99
SWMKKCPStreetwise My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain Pink8.99
SWMKKCPRStreetwise My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain Purple8.99
SWSMFSpot Me Flag17.99
SWSR18KBStreetwise Sting Ring 18,000,000 Stun Gun w/ Key Ring - BLACK22.95
SWSR18WCQStreetwise Sting Ring 18,000,000 Stun Gun Quatrefoil22.95
SWSRG18BKStreetwise Sting Ring 18,000,000 Stun Gun Black22.95
SWSRG18PKStreetwise Sting Ring 18,000,000 Stun Gun Pink22.95
SWVEC19BStreetwise Vaporizer Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun (2016 Model)33.95
SWVEC19PStreetwise Vaporizer Electronic Cigarette Stun Gun (2016 Model)33.95
VSLNWP502Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Lighting129.99
VSLNWP502BNightwatcher Robotic LED Security Lighting129.99
VSLNWP702Nightwatcher Robotic Security LED Motion Lighting Camera179.99
VSLNWP702BNightwatcher Robotic Security LED Motion Lighting Camera BLACK179.99
VSLNWP802Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Recording Light w/ WiFi249.99
VSLNWP802BNightwatcher LED Security Motion Recording Light w/ WiFi249.99
YJ06-02BLKYellow Jacket iPhone 6/6s Case: Stun Gun & Power Bank179.00
YJIP5Yellow Jacket iPhone 5/5S/SE Case: Stun Gun & Power Bank99.00
ZAPBK950ZAP Blast Knuckles44.95
ZAPBK950EZAP Blast Knuckles Extreme49.95
ZAPHSZAP Hike 'n Strike Walking Stick79.95



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